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EGoldTrust – HYIP (investment) is a unique profit sharing club.
This site gives you the opportunity to get a return of 4.5%-6.5% profit daily for 75 days. Profits are paid to your account daily. You may request a withdrawal at anytime.

  • Interest: 4.5% to 6.5% daily (*with principal return)
  • Spend: Minimum $1 to Maximum $20000
  • Payment Processor: E-gold
  • Payment Delay: Instant Payment
  • Referral: 6%
  • Invested: 1$ <- amount invested by me
  • Payout received: Got paid more than 1$ moving to Been Paid sites

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2 Responses to “EGoldTrust – HYIP (investment)”

  1. 1
    Website improvment Says:

    Sounds Great!

  2. 2
    instruite Says:

    Have been paid more than 1$ by this site and also have been paid for referrals
    Moving to Been Paid site
    you can invest in this site for sure
    Income is slow but for sure

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