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Betlik Referral Contest

I had written about Betlik which is a paid to post forum before too here

This post is to let you know about a referral contest going on the forum. The rules are simple you have to refer people to the forum and those people should signup with your referral id and post 5 times till the deadline of the contest which is not decided yet
There will be multiple winners every member who has eligible referrals as per below will win some money

Referrals —— Prize
15 Referrals —– $5.00 OR 250BK$
30 Referrals —– $8.00 OR 400BK$
40 Referrals —– $25.00 OR 1250BK$
60 Referrals —– $30.00 OR 1500BK$
100 Referrals —– $55 OR 2750BK$ (only one user can get this)!!!!!!!
If you like the concept do sign up with my referral id

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    123rak Says:

    I am joining under your link and will post here if I earn from betlk

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