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DDBoard – Domain Disscussion Board

DDBoard – A domain discussion where for posting you get DDPoints and those DDPoints can be used in various ways on the site

The official exchange rate of DDPoints is 2000DDpoints = 10US$

The DDPoints can be used in following ways

  • Get Free Domain – with 2000 DDpoints you can get a free domain from DDboard
  • Earn Cash – you can sell it to other members at the lesser rate than admin
  • Buy Domains/Websites – Some members sell there domains for ddpoints on forum (I have bought one domain with around 800 ddpoints)
  • DDPoint incentives – In this you can give other people some ddpoints and ask them to join under your referral I have earned around 1$ on other sites through getting referrals by above methods
  • Buy Services - you can also get your some website work done by offering ddpoints

The basic method of earning ddpoints is through posting on the forum, ddpoints incentives by other members, weekly payout for active members?? and many more…

So if you want to have domain discussion and at some time want to get paid a bit DDboard is the place for you.

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4 Responses to “DDBoard – Domain Disscussion Board”

  1. 1
    Calum Neilson Says:

    I am a member of this website as well. It is really good, it doesn’t take long to get 2000 points, sometimes only 2 weeks, you can also trade ddPoints with other members, sell them or buy stuff with them. I bought the header and logo for for only 100 ddPoints. There is also an arcade where you can win 500 ddPoints. Its a really good site.

  2. 2
    instruite Says:

    Hey Calum Nelison
    Thanks for the information and feedback on ddboard site

  3. 3
    Nioton Says:

    very very great service… DDBoard has lots of members and is active on the net. take a look at this web site to find out their nice service. I got my COM domain in less than 8 hours after request. they are nice people.

  4. 4
    qprojects Says:

    Hi Nioton, Well Nioton Is My Friend
    This Site Is Really Great I Got My Domain By Posting For Around 4 Hours And Domain In Under 8 Hours
    My Site Is Hosted There.

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