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These days most of the blog owners want to sell some space on their to advertisers so some cash can be generated out of the blog. Text link has been one of the methods to advertise since golden old days of web history.

The advantage of text link advertising is that an advertisers can promote it site and at the same time get a backlink too to his/her site and for the publisher the advantage is that it doesnot take much space on a page :)

Recently I stumbled accross a site called Money4blogs which basically pays you for placing a text link on your blog. Here is an extract about the site from their site itself:

Money4blogs is a website which offers cash for a simple text link advert on blogs or any website. It is very simple, if you have a blog we will pay for a very small unobtrusive link on it. We don?????t mind where on the page you paste it as long as it is in the permanent part of the page (i.e. it wont get archived and lost)

The text links we buy are used to promote financial products. The objective is both advertising on popular blogs and acquiring links that have a value in terms of search engine optimisation. We are promoting financial services sites and so clearly there is no dubious content that you would link to (although some might consider insurance dubious). Nor are we interested in any links from sites of a dubious nature. To see more information about our requirements click here.

One or two weeks back I submitted my blog on to that site and recently I was contacted by one person and after bit of discussion, I paced one text link for them for 25$/year which can be seen in left side of my blog. So if you have a blog and want some cash out of it, I will recommend you to check out Money4blogs site.

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