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Free Ebooks2go is a site which offers ebooks related to ebay, marketing, and get rich schemes to your email. The best thing is that the first month subscription to the ebooks which the site calls trial subscription is totally free plus you get free advertising of your site on their site too. They also have an earn money too even during the trial subscription.

I have signed up for the offer at no cost. All you have to do is just subscribe to their subscription using paypal (you won’t be charge anything for the first month). Try them out for a month and if you like the stuff you get you can continue and if you don’t like it you can simply unsubscribe (Unsubscription is only possible after 15 days according to termsof services of paypal).

I have already earned around 1.5 US$ from this site and I will surely recommend to try the free ebooks from free-ebooks2go. Also if you have signed up using my referral id and have been using the subscription for more than 15 days then contact me using the contact form with your paypal email id and your subscription email id and I will send 1$ to your paypal account.

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