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Wealthtoolbox – Referral

On Wealthtoolbox you just have to register and you will get $50 in your account, and $50 for every referral you make and yes its all free… The catch is that you will be only paid after 2 years.

On most of the forums people are saying that this is a scam and stuff like that. Well frankly speaking I also don’t expect much from this site but to try I registered since I don’t have to invest anything. I was scared that my email might be spammed by the site but its more than two weeks since I have registered, and I have only received welcome email from them no spam email, which is good. so though of sharing this with you all since you just have to register once without investing anything and who knows they might pay after 2 year <- this is called optimistic :)

Well if you are also optimistic and wana give a try you can join here.

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