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SlashMySearch – Paid to search

Slashmysearch is a place where you get paid to search yourself and also by searches of your affiliates.
The advantages or features of this new search engine as per their site:

“Slash My Search is a brand new search engine that is designed to get you the best results out there on the internet quickly and effectively. Using our proprietary algorithms, we are able to “slash” through more of the junk and find you the most relevant results. We filter results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google search engine, our databases and several other sources. We also track what results are visited the most and refine our database with that information.”

This is something new for a search engine:

“Introducing new and search. Two types are available for eBay, a regular eBay search and an eBay Typo search. ”
“With an eBay Typo search, enter you correctly spelled query, select eBay Typo from the search type selection menu and Slash My Search will automatically generate common misspellings, ommissions and other mistakes that a listing might appear under and seamlessly take you to eBay. Correctly spelled listings will be filtered out. “

“While typing in your search, look for the keyword suggestions drop down box. These suggested keywords may help you refine your search with a term that is more popular leading to more refined results. Refine your search before you even search!”

And above all it pays for searching, the present payout rates are
0.25$/hour for self searching
0.15$/hour for level 1 referral searching and
0.05$/hour for level 2 referral searching

The payout is by Paypal and E-gold and minimum payout is $50.
The program is still new and in beta stage, if you search a lot on internet then do consider joining slashmysearch.

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