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Text Link Ads – Publish text links ads on your website

For Advertisers (people looking to buy text links)

Text Link Ads has a starter kit plan for you to get started with. In this plan you get $125 worth of links campaign only in $25. Yeah thats right $100 worth of links for free. If you are new to link buying this is perfect plan for you because with low investment you can buy lot of links for your site plus they have some free tools and guides for you to start your link campaign.

Clcik here for $100 in Free links.

For Publishers (people having website)

You can join Text Link Ads as publisher and put text link ads on your site and earn money. The only problem is that Text Link Ads only approve high traffic sites in their network. But even if your site does not get approved you can join their affiliate network and earn 25$ for each referred advertiser or publisher.

Click here to Monetize your site.

Leave a comment here when you join the network as advertiser or publisher and earn some money.

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