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Blog Statstics after one month

It has been a month since I have started this blog and below are the quick stats about the blog

  • Number of Blogs written33 (just more than 1 blog a day which I initially targeted)
  • Number of comments11 (need to improve on that some how)
  • Page hits2457 from 483 unique IPs
  • Earnings - approximately 20$ (advertising, affiliates, referrals)
  • Some Seo Statistics (Source)
    • Predicted Page rank – 3 (Accuracy: 89.4%)
    • Pages linking to blog - 1,894
    • Listings on Google Search – 86
    • Listings on MSN Search – 160
    • Listings on Yahoo Search – 82

Overall statistics shows that its a good start but still I feel I need to market my blog more and also improve it so that my readers like it more.

So I will like to get some feedback from you regarding the blogs. Your suggestions, views, comments, criticism, improvement ideas, any and every feedback will be appreciated.

You can provide feedback either by commenting to this blog or submitting it via contact form. Looking forward for your replies.

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