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Sign Profit – Paid for impressions

Got paid by Sign Profit yesterday. It took around 39 days to reach earnings of 1$ but it was without any work. I have only put their ad banners in footer of this blog and that too they are on rotation basis with other advertisements. The payout from the site was instantly carried out after request was made.

Below is the information about Sign Profit from the previous blog I wrote about the site.

Sign Profit is for the webmasters or bloggers or even frequent forum posters to earn some extra buxs. Its a plug n play ad network where in you just put their code which is html in your forum links or website/blog banners and then keep earning for impressions their ad creates. They also have few paid to click and paid to signup links which you can put on your site and earn a certain amount when somebody from your site clicks or registers on those link.

An extract from their site:

  • Get paid for posting our ad block!
  • Signup process will take just one minute
  • It’s a stable and profitable source of income
  • All withdrawals are processed instantly

Sign Profit is a program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website, blog or post on forums – with a minimal investment of time and no additional resources.

The present rates which can be only seen in member area

  • $1.25 Per 1000 impressions of our image block
  • $.1 Per each signup referred by You
  • $.003 Per each click on your ad

The payout is minimum 0.5$ but first payoput can be requested only after 14 days of registration. The limitations are that only recognizes impressions on the site which are in their recognized site list but if you have a site getting into their list is very easy you just have to contact their support.

If you have a website, or a forum or a blog then you can earn constant income with Sign-Profit without doing much. Join Here.

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Get Paid $7.50 to just review this post; Click the image below:

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