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Money for Life – Free ebook for my readers

Mvelopes offers a book titled “Money for Life” – Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12 Weeks!

The cost of the real book is around 9.9%$ + shipping but ebook can be read online on their site and since Mvelopes is in my advertiser network they have allowed me to provide my readers with the book to be downloaded free of charge. A bit about the book:

Money for life is a budgeting success novel based on a couple named Ryan and Christine. While Ryan and Christine are fictional characters, the financial dilemmas that they face are based on the true-life experiences of many people. And like our couple, many people today are finding there really is a way to regain control and to successfully manage finances in today’s society. This book will captivate those seeking a blueprint for achieving long-term financial wellness.

“Ryan and Christine Richardson once enjoyed a solid relationship. They were educated, had a good income, and were focused on successfully raising a family. Like so many in their situation, they had allowed financial stress and frustration to erode their happiness. Join them on a journey as they transform their lives and begin to understand how to live within their income, stop accumulating debt, and build a solid financial future.”

The book can be downloaded from here – Money for Life

Hope you enjoy reading it.

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