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Namedrive – Domain Parking

Namedrive is a domain parking and selling site like Sedo.

Namedrive has minimum pay of 3 cents for a click on the advertisements on your parked domain which sometimes increase depending on the location from where the click was generated. You can put your domain for sale to on the parking page and best thing is that Namedrive doesnot charge any commission for sales of your domain using namedrive so you get all the money from your sale. Recently they have also started NDfactory which has features like you can Park & Sell in which after you have parked your domain for one month and got some traffic on your site then you can put it for sale to Namedrive buyers who then will make you an offer and if you like it you can sell that domain or you can negotiate or even simply decline the offer.

I have parked my following domains on Namedrive,, and plan to add few more in coming day. The traffic on, in last 15 days have generated around 8$ revenue and minimum payout for cashout is $20 through paypal or even check. I have not been able to cashout that amount and hence the site is still under test categories.

If you have few domains which you are not using then I will recommend you to park them on Namedrive.

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4 Responses to “Namedrive – Domain Parking”

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    Dan Says:

    I use DomainSponsor. Pays much more than NameDrive (and than Sedo for that matter, except for german traffic)

  2. 2
    instruite Says:

    Thanks for information about DomainSponsor, will check that too and write about them here…

  3. 3
    Online Money Making Sites » Blog Archive » Paid by NameDrive Says:

    […] had parked a few domains on NameDrive and also written a blog about the same. But had been so busy with my regular work and testing other money making methods I was not […]

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    uqzdlcnphm Says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! yscrgpxpjlavvn

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