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Problems/Scam Sites Update

As I regularly keep on checking the sites which I post in my blogs to see if they are still working in the same way when I posted my blog.

Recent found that

Gold United – Hyip (Investment) site is no more online and email sent to them bounced back. So that site has been moved to Scam/Problems category.

EGoldTrust – Hyip (Investment) site is also not accessible but the mail I sent them has not bounced yet so will wait for 2-3 days before changing that site blog’s category

If you find any site which I have written in my blog inaccessible or something do mention about the same in comment to the blog and I will look into that site.

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One Response to “Problems/Scam Sites Update”

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    User Says:

    You can file away EGoldTrust under the scam/problems category. Its been confirmed on multiple forums that they have closed down for good.

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