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Buy/Sell Videos (with rights) online

With the advances in Internet technology, sharing of data has evolved from mere text to high resolution videos in the present world. These advances has also not only enabled the constant increase in web/online business but also has provided a cheaper and better option for advertisements and marketplace for offline businesses too which includes video advertisements and sale to worldwide audiences.
But as they say every coin has two sides, so is the case with this advancements, ever since the video sharing has started there have been lots of problem with copyrights and other legal stuff for videos and other data, which makes it really hard for one to sell their video clips, movies and other stuff online and till now had to depend on other media like CDs and DVDs. But there are companies which are working on providing a solution to this problem and IPEX is one of them IPEX which stands for International Programme EXchange is a Marketplace where

“Content owners can upload their film and television trailers onto IPEX TV, where the world is watching: the world of television, internet, VOD and mobile buyers. From the selection of available titles, buyers can choose, view, sort, organize, and ?????bid????? on your titles in one easy to use interface. More qualified buyers seeing your content translates to more sales for you.”

So if you have your content for sale or looking to buy something check out the details here – Video rights management. The website has quite a informative help and introduction section with flash tutorials.

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