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advertisers and merchants. The one of the best thing about this network is that datafeeds from the merchant are available free of charge and an affiliate can even get ftp access to datafeeds by just requesting the related advertiser/merchant. ShareASale, itself and some other

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PCDigital – Affiliate Program

PCDigital is a web hosting provider, they have an in house affiliate program as well as one on shareasale network. Some of the highlights of their affiliate program: $70 for every sale $10 for just signing up 1% of the sales generated by your referrals $10 for just signing up Discount coupons of upto 50% […]

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Casino Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program for sure are one of the best ways of making money online but finding the best or I should say High paring programs is always bit difficult. Generally gaming affiliates pay more and one of those is the online casino affiliate program. This is a booming industry and for sure the affiliates in […]

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Smorty – Get Paid for Blogging

There are many sites, blog networks on the web which pay you for blogging about companies and products. This blog is also a part of few of those networks after all the blog is all about online money making :)… Recently I came across one more such Get paid to blog site – Smorty. My […]

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MK PitStop Forum – Paid to refer

There are lots of ways to make money on the internet; one great way is by doing referrals with websites. By referrals this means you get a link and place this link in your emails, blogs and websites or just pass it on to your friends, there are lots of ways that you can get […]

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PayPerPost – Paid to write Blogs

I have been seeing PayPerPost icons and badges on many blogs and after looking around in the site I found that the minimum requirements to get your blog into PayPerPost network are The blog should be 90 days old The blog should have atleast 20 posts (unique content) If you liked this post, then you […]

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MoneyCosmo – Affiliate Network

MoneyCosmo is an Affiliate network focused on Indian Audience. The advertisers on their network pay for signup offers most of which are free to signup and are for International audience. Their is a referral program too which lets you earn 20% of your direct referral’s earning. They also PPC (pay per click) links but amount […]

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InboxDollar – Paid to Read, Signup, Refer

Inboxdollars pays user for signup on the site, reading emails, signing up for offers, referring friends, playing games and much more. The Payment for each type of task is summarized below Signup on their site – 5$ Refer Friends to their site – 5$ Read emails – 0.01 to 0.1$/email Completing offers – upto 50$ […]

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Update PageFlakes – Paid to refer

I had written about PageFlakes in this blog before. But when I contacted pageflakes recently they notified me of some changes. Initially they planned to pay monthly (without any minimum payout) or payment of 50 US$ could be requested before the month end also. They have changed this now to minimum payout for 100 US$ […]

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Namedrive – Domain Parking

Namedrive is a domain parking and selling site like Sedo. Namedrive has minimum pay of 3 cents for a click on the advertisements on your parked domain which sometimes increase depending on the location from where the click was generated. You can put your domain for sale to on the parking page and best thing […]

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Paid by NameDrive

I had parked a few domains on NameDrive and also written a blog about the same.
But had been so busy with my regular work and testing other money making methods I was not checking the account at NameDrive and day before yesterday I received a mail from paypal saying that a payment of $22.39 was added to my account by Namedrive. :)

So for all those domain owners, NameDrive is sure a good deal to earn money while you are working on other things or as some people say earn money while you are sleeping :)

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    Pls i need websites that can provide access to online paid jobs website that doesn’t take money for sign up.


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