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Paid by NameDrive

I had parked a few domains on NameDrive and also written a blog about the same. But had been so busy with my regular work and testing other money making methods I was not checking the account at NameDrive and day before yesterday I received a mail from paypal saying that a payment of $22.39 […]


Sign Profit – Paid for impressions

Got paid by Sign Profit yesterday. It took around 39 days to reach earnings of 1$ but it was without any work. I have only put their ad banners in footer of this blog and that too they are on rotation basis with other advertisements. The payout from the site was instantly carried out after […]


EGoldTrust – HYIP (investment)

Moved to SCAM/Problems Category… is a unique profit sharing club. This site gives you the opportunity to get a return of 4.5%-6.5% profit daily for 75 days. Profits are paid to your account daily. You may request a withdrawal at anytime. Interest: 4.5% to 6.5% daily (*with principal return) Spend: Minimum $1 to Maximum […]


GPTreasure – Paid to signup

GPTeasure which stands for Get Paid Treasure is a paid to signup site. Features of this site are No minimum payout – I have received payment of minimum 0.2$ Payments are sent between 24 to 48 hours – normally received payment within 24 hours Payments are sent through E-gold / Paypal ALL International members are […]


Money4Blogs – Paid to link

These days most of the blog owners want to sell some space on their to advertisers so some cash can be generated out of the blog. Text link has been one of the methods to advertise since golden old days of web history. The advantage of text link advertising is that an advertisers can promote […]


Internantional Offers – Paid to sign up

International Offers is a Paid to sign up and Paid to click site The minimum payout is 10 cents through E-gold and $1 through Paypal The paid to signups offer ranges from $0.1 to $1 for Internantional members. The earning amount through Paid to click is very low but its secondary so its just kind […]


DDBoard – Domain Disscussion Board

DDBoard – A domain discussion where for posting you get DDPoints and those DDPoints can be used in various ways on the site The official exchange rate of DDPoints is 2000DDpoints = 10US$ The DDPoints can be used in following ways Get Free Domain – with 2000 DDpoints you can get a free domain from […]


Betlik Referral Contest

I had written about Betlik which is a paid to post forum before too here This post is to let you know about a referral contest going on the forum. The rules are simple you have to refer people to the forum and those people should signup with your referral id and post 5 times […]


Google Adsense – Advertising Network

Google Adsense is one of the well known advertising networks on the web today Summary of Google Adsense from the Google’s website “Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their website’s content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to […]


Betlik – Paid to Post

Betlik Webmaster Forums is a place for webmasters to discuss about topics ranging from programing, designing, search engines, website optimizations, and stuff like that. When you post or reply on the forum you earn BK$ which can be converted into Money,Domains,Hosting etc.. You get around 1.5BK$ for a single post or reply and current exchange […]