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CraigsList – Online Classifieds is one of the top 10 internet companies there is in the world and because of their online advertisements, newspapers revenue have been down. Craigslist generate at least a billion of page views every month so most advertisers prefer to advertise using craigslist and therefore damaging the newspaper classified advertising business. In Craigs List […]


Buy/Sell Videos (with rights) online

With the advances in Internet technology, sharing of data has evolved from mere text to high resolution videos in the present world. These advances has also not only enabled the constant increase in web/online business but also has provided a cheaper and better option for advertisements and marketplace for offline businesses too which includes video […]


Money for Life – Free ebook for my readers

Mvelopes offers a book titled “Money for Life” – Budgeting Success and Financial Fitness in Just 12 Weeks! The cost of the real book is around 9.9%$ + shipping but ebook can be read online on their site and since Mvelopes is in my advertiser network they have allowed me to provide my readers with […]


Jumpline – Free webhosting for a year

Yesterday I was searching for coupons and promotions in my advertisers network and came across Jumpline Hosting. After going through their various ads found out that they are offering 12 Months of Free Web hosting of their J2-VDS Plan and yes VDS stands for Virtual Dedicated Server which is much better than normal shared web […]