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Earn money by embedding video news on your site

Publishing news from related sites always help you to provide new content to your visitors every time they visit your site and this way you make sure that they will surely visit your site again. News can be in text of multimedia format, obviously having a multimedia format news say a video news will look […]


PayPerPost – Paid to write Blogs

I have been seeing PayPerPost icons and badges on many blogs and after looking around in the site I found that the minimum requirements to get your blog into PayPerPost network are The blog should be 90 days old The blog should have atleast 20 posts (unique content) If you liked this post, then you […]


InboxDollar – Paid to Read, Signup, Refer

Inboxdollars pays user for signup on the site, reading emails, signing up for offers, referring friends, playing games and much more. The Payment for each type of task is summarized below Signup on their site – 5$ Refer Friends to their site – 5$ Read emails – 0.01 to 0.1$/email Completing offers – upto 50$ […]


Update PageFlakes – Paid to refer

I had written about PageFlakes in this blog before. But when I contacted pageflakes recently they notified me of some changes. Initially they planned to pay monthly (without any minimum payout) or payment of 50 US$ could be requested before the month end also. They have changed this now to minimum payout for 100 US$ […]


Taketheinternetback – Paid to Read

Take the Internet back – a paid to read email site How do we make money on this site? (answer as stated on site)”Advertisers pay us for sending their ads to our members and 90% of these revenues are paid out to our members as follows — 45% direct in cash and 45% in our […]


Audio Feed of the blog

Now you can listen to the audio version of our blogs. You can listen to audio of the blogs using html page here or subscribe to audio feed version here. A bit of background on Odiogo which powers our audio feed Odiogo is a Web 2.0 service that automatically generates podiocasts from textual content structured […]


Sign Profit – Paid for impressions

Moving to Been Paid Sites Categories Sign Profit is for the webmasters or bloggers or even frequent forum posters to earn some extra buxs. Its a plug n play ad network where in you just put their code which is html in your forum links or website/blog banners and then keep earning for impressions their […]


No minimum – PTC, PTR, PTP

No-Minimum is manual surf, paid to promote, click or read emails kind of site Features of No minimum are ????? New Paid to Promote $0.65 per 1,000 Credits! ????? Paid to Click ????? Paid to Read e-mails ????? Get Paid To Signup! ????? No Minimum Payout on e-gold! ????? Use our ManualSurf for more traffic! […]


Clixncash – Paid2click, Paid2Promote

Clixncash is a manual surf cum PTC and PTP type site ClixNCash has daily payouts via e-Gold & PayPal with a $.02 payout limit. 5% downline earnings with a $.005 bonus whenever you refer a new member. You also can earn up to $0.20 per CPM with the new Promote ClixNCash. To learn more about […]